West Sussex International Jamboree 2021

West Sussex International Jamboree

Important Update

2021 seems a long way away but, given all that is happening in the world, the WSIJ team have been considering the impact the current situation may have on the jamboree. As well as the short term restrictions on our everyday lives, there will undoubtedly be longer term effects that may change our ability to deliver a safe and amazing camp for all involved.

In order to reduce the risk of any negative impact on WSIJ 2021, the WSIJ planning team and County Commissioners for West Sussex Scouts, Girlguiding Sussex Central and Girlguiding Sussex West have agreed to postpone the next WSIJ until 2022. The exact dates are not yet confirmed but will be published as soon as they are known.

By moving WSIJ to 2022 we give leaders space to organise and administer groups once face-to-face guiding and scouting resumes. We know that many families will be experiencing unexpected financial pressures and we don't want our payment timelines to be a burden at a time when other things need to take priority. Being able to push back our payment schedule gives more time for groups and individuals to fundraise, relieves pressure in relation to meeting payment deadlines, and hopefully minimises finance as a barrier to participation.

We also know that, sadly, some of the companies and organisations we work with may not be trading after the current crisis ends. Of the companies that continue to operate, several will now already be booked for events in 2021 (many for other international camps, rearranged from this year to 2021, that are carrying over contracts), and therefore we may struggle to obtain various services. By moving WSIJ to 2022 we can ensure we source and work with the companies and suppliers we need in order to deliver the best event we can. Where possible, WSIJ will honour contracts we have already signed, to help provide stability for companies and suppliers who continue to operate.

Many of you will have questions about how the postponement of WSIJ 2021 affects you - hopefully the answers to most of these will be below. If you have questions that aren't answered here then let us know by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] We will do our best to get back to all those with queries as soon as we can but please be patient and remember that we are all volunteers too, each doing our best to adapt to life in these strange times.

The WSIJ team will continue planning and remain committed to delivering an amazing experience for all. We'd like to thank everyone who has supported WSIJ so far, and hope that as many of you as possible will continue with us on the journey to WSIJ 2022.


Will any monies we have paid be refunded?

To date, WSIJ has not yet received any payments from groups registered to attend. Where payments from parents or participants have been made to local groups, group leaders are responsible for managing the return of these, as applicable.

Will those who turn 18 before the start of WSIJ 2022 still be able to attend as a participant?

The age range for WSIJ participants will remain the same and, although we appreciate there will be some members who miss out on being able to attend as a participant in 2022, they will be welcomed either as a member of volunteer camp staff or as an adult attending with a group of participants.

Will groups need to register again?

Yes, all current group registrations will be deleted and the online system reset.

Will I need to register again as a member of volunteer staff?

Yes, all current volunteer staff registrations will be deleted and the online system reset.

When will registration reopen?

Online registration for WSIJ 2022 will open in early January 2021.

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