WSIJ will be back!

As yet, there are no confirmed dates for the next WSIJ, but it will return in 2025 with a new generation of participants from around the world experiencing the fun, friendship and adventure that being part of a WSIJ brings. We won’t be updating our social media channels for a while but we’ll share news about future plans as soon as we can!

I have had the opportunity to attend several camps in the UK and, in all honesty, WSIJ will always be my favourite, giving me memories and experiences I will never forget.

Group Leader, USA

Still need refund information for WSIJ 2022? You can find all you need to know below.

WSIJ 2022 Refunds

Those who had already made payments to WSIJ can still request refunds. Full details can be found here, or by clicking on the button below.

Statement from WSIJ Camp Chiefs – 11th November 2021

Following much thought, and after reviewing the current status of registrations, it has become clear that we simply do not have the numbers needed to make WSIJ2022 a viable and successful event. There is always a feasibility threshold that needs to be considered for an event of this size, and we have not reached the minimum numbers that allow us to make WSIJ2022 the amazing event our young people and adults deserve.

With the continuing uncertainty around Covid-19 in the UK, it’s clear from our numbers (both volunteers and participants) that people are reluctant to commit at this stage, which is completely understandable in the present circumstances. We have reviewed a variety of factors that may be contributing to the lack of response and, unfortunately, feel there is no realistic alternative but to cancel WSIJ2022 now, to avoid a large financial impact in the future for those who have registered, and the three counties who ultimately underwrite the finances of the jamboree.

Cancelling has been an incredibly difficult and emotional decision for all of those involved, many of whom started their journey with WSIJ2022 at the end of 2018! However, we feel it is an important decision to have made at this stage, as everyone coming to a camp such as this deserves an experience to remember – something the current situation leaves us far from being able to achieve.

All deposits paid to WSIJ2022 by groups and individuals will be refunded and, in the coming days, we’ll be sending details of the formal refund process to those who have already made payments. Please bear with us whilst we finalise the process and communicate it, we want to make sure we have a system that gets the right money back to the right people as soon as we can!

As for when the next WSIJ will happen, members of the WSIJ core team and trustees of the three counties will consider the best next steps and communicate these when known. In the meantime, the WSIJ team are still here to support groups through the refund and wind down process and they will do their very best to answer queries you may have. Please remember though that they are all volunteers, doing their best in a difficult situation, and they appreciate your patience in cases where your messages can’t be answered immediately.

We do understand that this will be disappointing for those participants and service team members who had registered, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all – including our International guests – for supporting our Jamboree, and for the work and effort you put in to advertise this amazing opportunity to your members. We have produced a statement, available to download here, or below, which you can choose to use when letting your group members know about the situation.

Yours in guiding and scouting

Lesley Fielding & Robin Springer

Joint Camp Chiefs – West Sussex International Jamboree

Cancellation statement for Participants and Families

Accessing the WSIJ2022 online booking system

The online booking system is now closed. However, if you have already registered, you can access your booking by clicking on the button below. Once all refunds have been processed, details held on the booking system will be deleted in accordance with the WSIJ Privacy Policy.

Cancellation FAQs

Sadly, there were not enough confirmed bookings and deposit payments made by the end of October to make the jamboree financially viable. Even taking into account the higher number of those who had originally registered their interest, the low rate of conversion from interested to confirmed bookings meant it was highly unlikely we would reach our minimum numbers.

Due to a number of clashes with other events already planned for 2023, and the fact that many of the core planning team have been on their WSIJ journey since the end of 2018, the decision was made to cancel to allow time for us to review, and plan properly for, the next instalment of WSIJ. When more is known about when the next WSIJ will be, this will be communicated through county channels.

By taking the decision to cancel now, we ensure that there has been only minimal spending, that all payments received can be refunded, and that there is no knock-on financial impact either for those coming to WSIJ or for the three counties supporting WSIJ, who share the ultimate responsibility for the WSIJ finances.

Based on the current trend with registrations and payments it is also unlikely, even with an extension until the end of the year, that we would have received enough confirmed bookings and payments to make the event viable.

Yes, all payments received by the WSIJ team will be refunded in full. We are currently still working on the refund process, but will let everyone know how this will work as soon as we can.

The WSIJ team are still here to support you and will be happy to answer any queries you may have. However, please be patient with us as we develop the refund and other 'close down' processes that will enable us to get refunds made as quickly as possible.

In general, we ask you to wait until you hear from us before contacting us with questions about refunds, etc. However, if your query is urgent, you can still use the following email addresses to reach out to members of the WSIJ team:

For queries about registrations - [email protected]

For queries from international groups - [email protected]

For general feedback and comments - [email protected] or [email protected]

Please remember that members of the WSIJ team are volunteers too, and they may not always be able to answer your queries and messages straightaway. However, they will get back to you as soon as they can.