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Group Registration

Welcome to the start of your WSIJ journey, we’re thrilled to have you with us from wherever you are in the world!

Before you register a group, please ensure that:

1. You know the name of the group you wish to register and your estimated number of participants

2. You have the details (name, email, phone, address) of your group’s main contact

3. No-one else has already registered your group

4. You have read the WSIJ Terms and Conditions.

We can only accept bookings through the online system and hope that this is a straightforward way for you to keep an eye on your participant details and payments. However, should you have any problems, get in touch with the registrations team and we’ll be more than happy to help!

If you would like to register as a service team member, please follow the link from the Service Team Registration page. Details of current volunteer roles can be found on the Volunteering at WSIJ page.

Please note: Anyone registering groups and participants on the WSIJ booking system must ensure that all relevant parties (parents/guardians/caregivers of participants, and other adults they are registering) are informed that their personal information will be stored on this system, and must obtain the relevant permission from them for this. WSIJ requires the information requested on the booking system in order to plan and deliver a safe and successful event. Should you have any questions related to this please get in touch with [email protected].

We’ve been working hard to overcome the challenges that COVID-19 has presented but, sadly, not even our amazing team can predict what will happen in the coming months. Whilst every effort has been made to protect the Jamboree, there isn’t currently any insurance available that covers WSIJ against cancellation for pandemic related reasons.

Important Documents: