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Our Volunteer Service Teams

WSIJ needs an army of volunteers to help provide an amazing experience for everyone at our jamboree.

By joining our volunteer service teams you will be part of a truly global experience (and have loads of fun along the way). You will meet people from different backgrounds, with a multitude of experiences, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

There are many roles we need to fill and details of current opportunities are listed below. These will be updated regularly so make sure you keep checking for the latest information.

If you want to more about any of the roles before registering, use the Find out more buttons to contact the relevant WSIJ team. If you’re ready to register for a role, use the Register button under the relevant role.

Current Vacancies

Site Services Team Members

Would you like to be part of the team that turns the site into the Jamboree? That keeps the clean, tidy, smoothly running and finely tuned, and then makes it look like we were never there at the end?

If you like being part of a team and having a laugh, then Site Services could be for you! You can join us for all or any part of our time on site (build week, event week and takedown). The role gives you access around the site and is a unique opportunity to see everything that is going on. Jobs include, but are not limited to: General maintenance of the Jamboree site, cleansing (showers and toilets), and the safe management and removal of refuse and recycling.

HQ Team Members

HQ Team members undertake many different roles, with each person able to make the difference between a good and great Jamboree for participants. Tasks can include:

  • Helping with questions and the sharing of information
  • Supporting the camp office with finance and administration
  • Co-ordinating VIP visits

We need people with finance and administration skills to work behind the scenes, and those with great people skills and organisation abilities to help manage fast changing circumstances.

Guest Services Team Members

As part of Guest Services you will be the first contact for most participants and visitors so we are looking for friendly outgoing people to help ensure their stay at the Jamboree is a positive experience. There will be some early starts and late finishes but the potential rewards of new friendships and the satisfaction of enhancing the participants experience at the Jamboree. Tasks for this role include:

  • Giving a warm welcome at the gate
  • Monitoring people and vehicle access into, and away from, the site
  • Co-ordinating deliveries to the site

Safeguarding Team Members

Are you a good listener? Can you put yourself in the shoes of others and support others to make good choices?

The WSIJ safeguarding team will support participants in many ways during the Jamboree – there are roles available for those with professional safeguarding experience, and for those with general safeguarding experience who want to look out for others whilst away from home.

Onsite Medical Team Members

Would you like to help those at WSIJ keep healthy and happy at camp? EDSFAT are looking for volunteers with the following skills or experience to join the onsite health and medical team:

  • First Aiders with valid qualifications
  • Pre-hospital care staff (paramedics, technicians, emergency care support workers)
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Healthcare Assistants
  • Administrators
  • Communications staff

Service Team Catering

Everyone knows that an army runs on its stomach and we are looking for people to help feed the WSIJ volunteer service teams during the Jamboree.

This is a busy role, but one which will also give you time to explore the Jamboree and have an amazing time, whilst also making sure none of our amazing volunteers go hungry!

Camp Centre Team Members

One of the key places at any Jamboree is the camp centre. We need a team of people to create the beating heart of the WSIJ “world” – a place where young people and adults alike know where to go to socialise, have fun, and buy what they need.

Sub Camp Team Members

The sub camps are central to any Jamboree, and we want to give all WSIJ participants an amazing home away from home experience. We need a variety of people in the sub camp teams, and it’s an ideal role for those not attached to a unit. We need people who can: 

  • provide support to leaders to help them overcome challenges before and during camp
  • work effectively as part of a close team
  • problem solve under pressure and, sometimes, at short notice
  • help everyone have fun, both as a team and as a sub camp
  • feel at ease meeting and welcoming new people from around the world
  • help build the excitement of WSIJ within the camp starting with the subcamp you are in.

International Team Members

This team co-ordinates the WSIJ experience for our international visitors, whether by helping to link UK groups find or renew an existing international link, or offering advice around how to be great hosts for visiting groups. Whilst we will be very busy during the Jamboree, there are also opportunities to help with the logistics and admin of international guests before WSIJ.

At the Jamboree, the International Team support sub camp leaders and also work directly with leaders of international groups, and international volunteers, to ensure a great experience for all. There is also an International Hub in the Camp Centre, where team members help participants discover more about global guiding and scouting, swap badges, find out about the countries present at WSIJ, etc.

International Team members need to be approachable, open-minded to different cultures, and able to think on their feet to anticipate and solve any issues that may occur. Knowledge of other languages, and the local area are also beneficial.

Youth Service Team (YST) – Girlguiding Lead

We are looking for an experienced adult Girlguiding member to team up with an experienced Scout Lead and lead the new Youth Service Team. This is a new team for 2022 and the role holder will be key in developing this offer.

The Youth Service Team Leads will be responsible for managing a team of up to 100 Young Leaders, Explorers, and Rangers, who will support many of the Jamboree teams, helping to maintain the smooth running of the Jamboree whilst also developing new skills and experiences.

The role will be challenging but incredibly rewarding; you need to be able to plan and co-ordinate the availability of the Youth Service Team, provide daily support to them whilst at the Jamboree, and deal with any issues as they arise, sometimes at short notice and on tight timescales. You will also oversee a small team of adult volunteers connected to the Youth Service Team.

Youth Service Team (YST) Members

A new addition for 2022! This is a team of young people aged 14-17 (at the time of WSIJ) who want to a different Jamboree experience. Youth Service Team will have opportunities to learn about how to deliver large-scale events, gain experience in roles across the various Jamboree teams, and help others have an amazing time at WSIJ, all whilst developing new skills and friendships of their own.

Registrations for the Youth Service Team will open at the same time as group and participant registration. For more information about the Youth Service Team, use the Find out more button below, or visit the YST FAQs.

Website Manager

Do you have a passion for great web design? Are you able to work with WordPress to create amazing online spaces? WSIJ is looking for a website manager to help promote the event and help cascade important information to those wanting to join us.

If you’re interested in this role, let us know using the button below, giving a brief outline of your relevant experience.

Media Team Members

We’re looking for people with a wide range of skills to join the Media Team and help us capture the amazing experiences people will have at WSIJ! If you have skills or experience in any of the following then we’d love to hear from you:

  • photography
  • video editing
  • graphic design
  • social media communications
  • blogging/vlogging
  • editing/proof-reading
  • journalism (such as writing articles or press releases)

Activity Team Members

Activities aren’t just things to pass the time while at camp; they provide a huge part of the WSIJ magic, enabling participants to try new things, challenge themselves and, most importantly, have fun!

To provide a wide range of activities, we need a great team of dedicated volunteers to assist outside providers, run activities, or provide support to activity instructors, all while encouraging and supporting participants to maximise their WSIJ experience. 

If you want to know how we can use any relevant qualifications you have, or you have an idea for a great WSIJ activity, get in touch below.

Entertainment Team Members

The Entertainment team is there to make sure the evenings at WSIJ go with a bang, and being part of it will mean you can help create amazing Main Stage experiences, and lifelong memories, for everyone at WSIJ. We will provide a wide range of activities, on alternative evenings, ranging from campfires to quizzes, silent discos to film screenings.

Do you have the skills to be go-between for the artists performing on stage? Can you make the magic happen from behind the scenes? Think you got the skills to join the tech team? Perhaps you’ve got the creative ideas to keep the party going in every corner of the site? If so, apply for the Entertainment Team and help create the magic!

We’re particularly interested in hearing from people who can: 

  • lead campfires
  • act as production runners, looking after acts performing on the Main Stage
  • help set-up projectors, small PA systems, and other related tech
  • create props and scenery
  • be quizmasters, or lead other evening activities
  • support the professional Main Stage crew by having experience of backstage roles at live events, or stage lighting and sound experience.

We also want to hear what you’d like to see as part of the evening programme and entertainments at WSIJ – use the button below to send us your ideas!