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WS2021 FAQs

  • How can international groups pay their camp fees?

    We would prefer all payments by BACS, where possible. The WSIJ account information can be found either on your booking confirmation email or by logging in to the WSIJ booking system (available in early 2021).

    When making a payment please use WSIJ2022 followed by your booking reference number as the payment reference.

    If you are unable to pay by BACS, please contact us. Please note that we cannot accept cheques originating from outside of the UK.

    You can view your payments using the Payments and Balance page on the online booking system (available from early 2021).

  • Can Rangers and Explorers be based in other sub camps?

    Yes, although we would encourage all those aged 14-17 to camp in the Explorer/Ranger sub camp to get a WSIJ experience more suited to them.

    However, we realise that this is not always possible and Rangers and Explorers who camp in any sub camp will be able to access programme activities for the Ranger and Explorer age group.

  • Can Rangers and Explorers camp without adults?

    No, all Rangers and Explorers, attending as participants, must camp with a leader.

  • Can Young Leaders attending with groups participate in programme activities?

    Yes, Young Leaders pay the same camp fee as participants and therefore have access to any of the programme activities on offer, including those specifically for Rangers and Explorers.

  • Do I need to fill in a REN/NAN form for my group?

    Yes, all groups are required to fill in NAN or REN forms, following usual Scout or Girlguiding procedures.

    The REN or NAN form for your group must also include any members of volunteer camp staff/service team members who are camping with your group.

  • Do I need a DBS check in order to come to WSIJ?

    Any adult attending WSIJ 2022 (other than as a Day Visitor) must have a valid DBS certificate.

  • Can animals be brought to WSIJ?

    No animals must be brought onsite for the duration of the camp. The only exception to this is assistance dogs with prior agreement.

  • Are pocket knives allowed on site?

    Pocket knives are prohibited for participants and must not be brought on site.

    Adults are strongly advised not to bring them unless there is a justified need, Where adults do bring pocket knives on site, these must be non-locking blades less than three inches in length (7.62 cms). They may only be carried when they are to be used and must be stored securely at all other times.

  • How do I register a mixed group (guiding and scouting or mixed sections/age groups)?

    If you are camping as a joint group please register each section/age group separately. Once you have received confirmations for each group, please contact the registrations team and we will manually link your group registrations.

  • Does registering the interest of my group guarantee our places?

    No. Places are only confirmed after the WSIJ team have received and acknowledged your deposit payment.

  • How do I register my group for WSIJ?

    All groups must register for WSIJ 2022 using our online booking system, accessible here (the WSIJ booking system will be available from early 2021).

    Places are confirmed only after the deposit has been received and acknowledged by the WSIJ team.

  • Which methods are available to pay camp fees?

    We would prefer all payments by BACS, where possible, and the account information can be found either on your booking confirmation email or by contacting us.

    When making a payment please use WSIJ2022 followed by your booking reference number as the payment reference.

    If you are unable to pay by BACS, please log into the online booking system (available from early 2021) for details of where to send cheque payments. Cheques must be made payable to West Sussex International Jamboree and should be posted with a copy of your booking receipt, which you will receive by email after registering.

    Please note: We cannot accept cheques originating from outside of the UK.

    You can view your payments using the Payments and Balance page on the online booking system (available from early 2021).

  • I have a great idea for an activity, how can I get this included in WSIJ?

    We’d love to hear from you if you have any great ideas for activities (and particularly if you can help deliver these or know people who can). Get in touch via the Contact page.

  • Will participants need extra permissions for any activities?

    Some activities may require extra permissions and, in this case, confirmation of permissions will be included within the online booking system.

  • Can non-participant children take part in programme activities?

    There is no formal programme of activities for non-participant children.

  • Will groups and individuals be offered home hospitality before and/or after WSIJ?

    Whilst some UK groups may be able to offer home hospitality this cannot be guaranteed. If you wish to explore home hospitality as part of your visit, please contact the group you are linked with in the UK as arranging this is not included in the role of the WSIJ international team.

  • Are there any pre or post WSIJ tours available for international groups to book?

    There are no tours available through the WSIJ team but international groups are welcome to research and make their own arrangements.

  • Can international groups hire equipment for use at WSIJ?

    There is no equipment that can be hired directly from WSIJ. Some UK groups may be able to provide support, especially in relation to providing tents, but this cannot be guaranteed. Contact your UK link group or get in touch via the Contact page.

  • Do international groups and volunteers need to arrange their own travel to and from the WSIJ site from their arrival point in the UK?

    Yes, groups and camp staff are responsible for arranging their own transport between their arrival point in the UK and the WSIJ site, unless other arrangements are specifically and directly agreed with your UK link group, if you have one.

  • Do international volunteers attending as camp staff (without a participant group) need to pay?

    Yes. All volunteer staff must pay an amount (to be confirmed) that covers the cost of meals, which will be provided centrally, during the event. This fee is payable in advance of the camp.

  • Can you provide me with a letter of invitation to support my visa application?

    Letters to support visa applications can be requested from the WSIJ international co-ordinator once groups have completed their registration, paid their deposits and provided names of those travelling as part of their group.

  • Will I need a visa to attend WSIJ?

    It is the responsibility of every international group to check if they need a visa to enter the UK before registering for WSIJ 2022. Visa requirements vary and groups are advised to check for further information.

  • Can I register an international group without having links to a UK group?

    Yes. Once you are registered, the WSIJ international co-ordinator will work to link you to a suitable UK group. Please be aware that large groups may be asked to split and link to several smaller UK groups. On occasion, mixed groups may be requested to separate boys and girls to suit the sleeping arrangements available.

  • Do international groups need to be from recognised WAGGGS/WOSM organisations?

    All participants, adults and volunteer staff must be registered as members or affiliates of a recognised WAGGGS Member Organisation or WOSM National Scout Organisation.

  • Can Rangers who are 18 attend as participants?

    No, but we encourage these young women to apply as volunteer camp staff as an alternative.

  • Will there be a separate sub camp for Explorers and Rangers?

    There will be a separate sub camp for Explorer and Ranger groups that wish to make use of it. Further details will be available soon.

  • Can we have a group gateway?

    Yes, but you need to ensure this fits within your allocated camping area. Every gateway must have a written risk assessment and, should you wish to include any moving parts in your design, this must be approved in advance. Please get in touch via the Contact page.

  • Do we need to provide toilet tents for our group?

    Groups do not need to provide toilet tents as there will be plenty of toilets available on site.

    However, should any groups choose to bring chemical toilets, these must be emptied into a designated chemical toilet emptying point only.

  • Can we keep equipment lorries/vans onsite during the week?

    Groups may park one trailer in their camping area, which must not move for the duration of the camp and fit fully within your allocated area. No vehicles may be parked in your camping area, these must be parked in a designated parking area.

  • Will there be security on site?

    Entry gates will be controlled by Guest Services during the day, who will only permit access to individuals with a camp ID or vehicles displaying a vehicle access pass.

    Outside of usual gate opening times, a security contractor will be responsible for site security and Blue Gate will be locked. The only access to the Showground for adults outside of gate opening times will be on foot via Prince’s Gate, and only with a valid camp ID. If you know that you will need to arrive or leave the site outside of usual gate opening times you must inform Guest Services by 6.00pm on the relevant day.

    Any young person leaving the site must be escorted by an adult – no unaccompanied young person will be allowed to leave.

    With the exception of emergency vehicles displaying blue lights, there will be NO vehicle access to any part of the site outside of usual gate opening times.

  • Are groups expected to deal with their own first aid?

    Groups are expected to be able to deal with all minor injuries and illness and must bring along a suitable first aid kit for this purpose.

    Each group must ensure at least one adult has a valid 1st Response (or recognised equivalent) qualification at the time of the camp.

    Medical facilities for more severe illness and injuries will be available on site, alongside safeguarding and wellbeing support for adults and participants, where needed.

  • Do all adults in my group need to have a valid 1st Response (or recognised equivalent) qualification to attend?

    As a minimum, at least one adult in your group must have a valid 1st Response (or recognised equivalent) qualification.

  • Can members of Girlguiding and Scouts camp as part of the same group?

    Yes they can but you will need to register your Guides and Scouts separately on the WSIJ booking system (available from early 2021). If this applies to you, please email [email protected] and we will arrange for manually link your group.

    The requirements for joint events must be followed and can be found here:

    Joint adventurous activities with Girlguiding

    Activities with other organisations

  • Do I need to complete a risk assessment for my group?

    Yes. Your risk assessment should cover travel to/from the site (if you are travelling as a group), your camping area, food preparation, any specific needs for the adults/participants you are bringing, any financial risks to your group from spending related to the camp, how you will deal with any injury/illness (for both adults and participants), amongst other things.

    If you choose to have a group gateway then this will need to be included in your risk assessment.

    You do not need to risk assess any activity provided by WSIJ as part of the on-site/off-site/sub camp or evening programmes as this will be co-ordinated centrally.

  • Can UK groups outside of West Sussex Scouts and Girlguiding Sussex West and Central Counties attend WSIJ?

    Yes, the camp is open to groups outside of these counties but numbers will be limited to ensure that members from West Sussex are able to attend. It is recommended that groups register and pay their deposits early on, regardless of where they are from, to secure their places.

  • Do we have to offer home hospitality to any international groups we are linked with?

    There is no requirement to provide home hospitality to groups you are linked with, either before or after WSIJ. However, you may be able to help your link group find accommodation in a local guiding/scouting venue if they wish to stay in the UK outside of the main camp dates.

  • Does my group need to link with an international group to be able to attend?

    Ideally, yes. If you do not have an existing international link the WSIJ international team will aim to link you an international group after you have registered.

  • Will there be smoking areas on site?

    There will be designated smoking areas near each sub camp.

    You must not smoke in any other areas, including the use of e-cigarettes or vapour devices. Each smoking area will be provided with a sand bucket for cigarette butts. Please do not discard smoking paraphernalia on the floor.

  • Will there be a bar on site?


  • How do we dispose of rubbish?

    There will be several disposal points around the site and refuse will be collected daily. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the bins at refuse points.

    At the end of WSIJ you must remove all items from your camping area (including gateways, broken equipment and tentage, etc). There is no option to leave items for disposal by the event team.

    Recycling options are currently being assessed and further details will be published once this is confirmed. However, you may wish to consider removing recyclable packaging from foods ahead of arrival (where appropriate) to reduce the potential waste you are bringing to site.

  • How do we dispose of waste water?

    All waste water must be filtered and disposed of at a designated disposal point; do not empty water on or around your camping area.

    There are waste water disposal points at all trailer toilets and at the rear of the Red Gate toilets, adjacent to the long stay car park.

    Do not lift any man hole coves or dispose of waste water into chemical toilet emptying points, with the exception of the marked point to the rear of the Red Gate toilets.

  • Will there be access to fridges to store medicines, etc?

    Each sub camp HQ will have cold storage facilities that can be used for the storage of medicines only. These fridges can not be used to store food for groups.

  • Is there good mobile phone reception at the site?

    4G coverage is available across the Showground but may be affected by the number of people on site.

  • Can we store gas bottles on site?

    Spare gas bottles MUST be kept in the central fuel store, with access to this area strictly controlled by Site Services. Groups should clearly label their bottles for easy storage and identification.

  • Are open fires and BBQs allowed on site?

    No fires of any form are allowed but gas BBQs are permitted.

    With a large number of people on site, the risk of fire is high. Each group is asked to take special care and bring at least one working fire extinguisher and marked fire buckets with them.

    Fire breaks will be marked on each sub camp and will be monitored by sub camp teams. Please do not obstruct these with vehicles or tents at any time; any obstructions will have to be moved immediately and without question.

    In the event of a fire, please notify a member of camp staff as soon as possible and evacuate the immediate area.

  • Can we have food delivered to the site during WSIJ?

    Yes. Food deliveries should be directed to enter the site through the North Gate (opposite The Gardners Arms pub) and follow the one-way system to Blue Gate. All deliveries must be collected from the Young Farmers shelter by the Blue Gate. You must provide equipment and/or help to move your delivery. An adult member of your group MUST be present at Blue Gate for the collection.

    Food deliveries must not be arranged for arrivals day (Saturday 6th August) due to the volume of other vehicles and people on site.

    Please inform Guest Services (based at Blue Gate) in advance of any food deliveries your group is expecting to arrive during WSIJ and provide the following information:

    • Name of the person who will be on site to receive the delivery
    • Name of the person who placed the order
    • Contact mobile phone number for person receiving the order
    • Group name and sub camp
    • Name of the supermarket making the delivery
    • Expected delivery time.

  • Will camp staff be catered for centrally?

    Central catering will be available to camp staff, the cost of which will be payable in advance and is to be decided on soon. Camp staff can also choose to eat with the group they are camping with, in which case the cost of this will be decided by that group.

  • Is there a creche available?

    No. Any non-participant children brought along to WSIJ remain the responsibility of their parents/carers at all times.

  • Can adults bring their own non-member children?

    Yes, the registration section of the FAQ gives details of the cost for non-member children. Please note that there is no formal activity programme for non-member children and no childcare facilities available on site.

  • Am I allowed to bring a drone?

    The possession and use of drones on site is prohibited, other than by specific members of the WSIJ Media Team.

  • Is indoor accommodation available?

    A limited number of Individual and shared rooms are available, at an additional cost, for volunteer camp staff or those with a medical need. A separate booking form for indoor accommodation will be available in the later stages of 2021.

  • Can I bring and stay in a caravan or motor home?

    Yes. There will be limited caravan/motor home parking in a dedicated area of the site. Spaces must be booked in advance (booking will open in 2021). Caravans and motor homes are not permitted in the main camping areas.

  • Can I bring a bicycle?

    No, bicycles are not permitted on site.

  • Will I be able to access my car during the camp?

    All cars parked on site will be accessible 24 hours a day. However, outside of usual gate opening times, there will be an extended walk along the main and perimeter roads to reach vehicles.

    If you know your vehicle will need to leave the site outside of usual gate opening times, please notify Site Services by 6.00pm on the relevant day.

  • Can I leave my car on site?

    Cars can be left in designated parking areas during WSIJ. No cars must be left or parked in camping areas.

  • Can volunteering at WSIJ be counted towards my Queen's Guide / Queen's Scout or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award?

    This will depend on the role you are undertaking at camp but many people have successfully done this in the past. All plans for using WSIJ towards any element should be discussed and agreed with your Award mentor.

  • How do I register to help set-up/take down the site?

    If you are able to help us set up or take down the site, please contact the Registrations team via the Contact page and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

  • How do I register as a member of volunteer staff (activities, site services, etc)?

    Details of current volunteer staff roles can be found here. Registrations for volunteer staff will open in early 2021, and need to be made using the WSIJ online booking system here.

  • Can we come as a large District or Division group?

    Whilst we will not block bookings from Districts/Divisions, we encourage large groups to consider breaking into smaller pools of people. Large Districts/Divisions camping together detracts from the feeling of adventure and excitement gained from camping with new people, and also makes it more difficult to gain a selection of groups from different geographical areas in each sub camp.

  • Can I change the names of participants after registering?

    You are able to make changes to your group’s registration until 30th April 2022, after which no changes will be accepted.

    Group payments to WSIJ 2022 are non-refundable so, where numbers decrease, groups need to decide their own local refund policy for participants who withdraw.

  • Do I have to register online?

    WSIJ can only accept registrations via our online booking system, which will be available here in early 2021. If you have any problems using the system let us know.

  • Are payments refundable?

    All group payments to WSIJ are non-refundable but groups can return payments to participants from their own funds as they choose.

  • What is the payment schedule?

    The WSIJ payment schedule is still being finalised but will be published here once confirmed.

    Please note: This is the schedule for payments to reach the WSIJ team – local groups will set their own payment deadlines to ensure they have funds in time to make the payments above.

  • What is included in the camp fee?

    The camp fee includes a WSIJ 2022 badge, t-shirt, scarf, and sub camp badge for everyone other than infants (aged two and under).

  • Can you provide information in a different format, e.g. large print?

    Large print copies of printed information are available on request via the Contact page of the website.

  • Will there be photography and filming at WSIJ?

    The WSIJ Media Team will be filming and taking photographs throughout the camp, some of which will be used in national press and social media.

    WSIJ Media Team members will be easy to spot at camp and, if you know there are people in your group without photo/video consent, please ask them to tell anyone taking photos or video near them that this is the case.

    WSIJ is a large scale event and, although we will do our best to ensure photographic and video consent is adhered to, this cannot be guaranteed.

  • How can I follow WSIJ online and through social media?

    There are many ways you can keep in touch with WSIJ:

    Facebook: West Sussex International Jamboree (public page)

    Twitter: @WSIJ2022

    Instagram: WSIJ2022

  • What is the theme of WSIJ in 2022?

    WSIJ will be At The Theatre in 2022 – there are many ways in which this can be interpreted so get creative and think about how your group can link in!

  • Is the site accessible for those with mobility problems?

    The Showground is accessible for wheelchair users and others with mobility problems but please be aware there that, away from the pathways, the ground can be quite muddy when wet. There are accessible toilets in many of the permanent blocks on site.

  • How do I get to the site?

    By road (from M23)

    1. Exit the M23 at junction 10 and take the A264 towards East Grinstead.
    2. At the first roundabout, continue straight along the A264.
    3. At the next roundabout, turn right and head towards Haywards Heath along the B2028. The South of England Showground is signposted at this roundabout.
    4. Continue through the villages of Turners Hill and Selsfield Common.
    5. Just before you reach the village of Ardingly you will see the main entrance to the South of England Showground on your right hand side.

    By road (from A23/A272)

    1. From A23, take the A272 to join the B2036 in Cuckfield.
    2. Continue along the B2036 and, at the next roundabout, take the first exit onto High Street.
    3. At the next roundabout, take the second exit to stay on the High Street B2036.
    4. At the next roundabout, take the second exit onto Ardingly Road
    5. At the next roundabout, take the second exit onto Hanlye Lane
    6. After about half a mile, turn left onto Borde Hill Lane
    7. After about a mile, turn right onto Copygold Lane
    8. After about 1.5 miles, turn left onto College Road
    9. After 1.5 miles, turn left onto High Street (B2028)
    10. Continue on the B2028 and you will see the Showground on the left hand side.

    By rail

    The nearest stations are East Grinstead and Haywards Heath. Visit the National Rail website for details of train times. National Rail Enquiries – Official source for UK train times and timetables

    By air

    The nearest airport is London Gatwick (LGW), which is just 15 minutes away from the Showground.

  • How much does it cost to attend WSIJ?

    The WSIJ camp fees are below and include a t-shirt, scarf, WSIJ 2022 and sub camp badge for all except infants under two years of age.

    Participants – £190.00

    Adults with groups – £60.00

    Young Leaders – £190 * see below

    Children (aged three and older) – £10.00

    Infants (aged two and under) – Free

    Camp staff – Free *see below

    * Young Leaders pay the full camp fee as they are able to access the same programme of activities as participants. Each group can subsidise the fees of their Young Leaders, from their own funds, according to how much of the time they will be taking part in activities.

    * There is no camp fee for adults attending as camp staff but these people will need to pay for food, either to the group they are camping with or the central WSIJ catering team. The amount payable has not yet been fixed for those who choose central catering. The food payment for staff not being catered for centrally will be decided by the group they are eating with. There will also be extra charges for volunteer staff wanting inside accommodation, caravan hook-ups, extra badges, etc, which will be payable before camp.

  • Who can attend WSIJ?

    WSIJ is open to Guides, Scouts, Explorers and Rangers between their 10th and 18th birthdays at the time of the camp, as well as adults leading or helping with their group.

    Groups can come from anywhere in the UK or overseas, but places for UK groups not from the West Sussex area will be limited so apply early! Adults are welcome to join.

    We also welcome adults, from the UK and overseas, as volunteer camp staff. For details on the roles available, see the Registering for WSIJ section of this FAQ.

  • Where is WSIJ held?

    WSIJ will take place at:

    The South of England Showground, Ardingly, West Sussex, RH17 6TL, UK

    what3words: atoms.dove.presuming

  • When is WSIJ happening?

    The next WSIJ will run from 6th-13th August 2022 (inclusive).

  • What does WSIJ stand for and why has it changed from WS?

    West Sussex International Jamboree.

    To many, the camp is known as WS but the decision to change was made to show those outside of the area that our event is a jamboree, an international camp, and something we want the world to recognise.

    We could not use the name West Sussex Jamboree as this would create confusion with the World Scout Jamboree (also WSJ).

  • Can I book accommodation and food if I'm not attending with participants?

    Yes, food and indoor accommodation will be available to book nearer the time. There are limited indoor facilities for service teams, but plenty of camping space. 

  • Can we swap attendees should anyone drop out?

    Yes, this will be possible until the online registrations closing date of 30th April 2022.

  • Can we arrive early?

    Details of specific times for arrivals day (Saturday 6th August 2022), will be published nearer in early 2022.

  • Can Leaders bring their children?

    Yes, although there is a small charge for children aged three and over. Infants (aged two years and under) are free. There is no formal activity programme for infants and children and no creche facilities onsite.

  • Can we book as a District/Division?

    Whilst we will not block bookings from Districts/Divisions, we would like large groups to consider breaking into smaller pools of people; large Districts/Divisions camping together not only deflects from the feeling of adventure and camping with new people but can also affect the overall dynamic of the subcamps as it is difficult to achieve an even spread of areas within each.

  • What is the cost and what is included in the cost?

    Scouts/Guides, Explorers, Rangers – £190
    Leaders – £60
    Children aged 3 and over – £10
    Infants aged 2 and under – £0
    Crew/Staff – £0