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What is the WSIJ Youth Service Team (YST)?

The WSIJ Youth Service Team (YST) is a new group for 2022 and aims to provide an opportunity for Rangers and Explorers to attend WSIJ as volunteers rather than participants. YST members will support many of the onsite volunteer staff teams, gaining experience and skills in large scale event support, delivery, and management along the way.

The YST is open to any active member, aged 14-17 at the time of the Jamboree, from West Sussex Scouts, Girlguiding Sussex Central or Girlguiding Sussex West Counties.

How do I register my group for WSIJ?

All groups must register for WSIJ 2022 using our online booking system, accessible here (the WSIJ booking system will be available from mid 2021).

Places are confirmed only after the deposit has been received and acknowledged by the WSIJ team.

Can we come as a large District or Division group?

Whilst we will not block bookings from Districts/Divisions, we encourage large groups to consider breaking into smaller pools of people. Large Districts/Divisions camping together detracts from the feeling of adventure and excitement gained from camping with new people, and also makes it more difficult to gain a selection of groups from different geographical areas in each sub camp.

Can I change the names of participants after registering?

You are able to make changes to your group’s registration until 30th April 2022, after which no changes will be accepted.

Group payments to WSIJ 2022 are non-refundable so, where numbers decrease, groups need to decide their own local refund policy for participants who withdraw.