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Do I need to fill in a REN/NAN form for my group?

Yes, all groups are required to fill in NAN or REN forms, following usual Scout or Girlguiding procedures.

The REN or NAN form for your group must also include any members of volunteer camp staff/service team members who are camping with your group.

Can we have a group gateway?

Yes, but you need to ensure this fits within your allocated camping area. Every gateway must have a written risk assessment and, should you wish to include any moving parts in your design, this must be approved in advance. Please get in touch via the Contact page.

Do we need to provide toilet tents for our group?

Groups do not need to provide toilet tents as there will be plenty of toilets available on site.

However, should any groups choose to bring chemical toilets, these must be emptied into a designated chemical toilet emptying point only.

Can we keep equipment lorries/vans onsite during the week?

Groups may park one trailer in their camping area, which must not move for the duration of the camp and fit fully within your allocated area. No vehicles may be parked in your camping area, these must be parked in a designated parking area.

Will there be security on site?

Entry gates will be controlled by Guest Services during the day, who will only permit access to individuals with a camp ID or vehicles displaying a vehicle access pass.

Outside of usual gate opening times, a security contractor will be responsible for site security and Blue Gate will be locked. The only access to the Showground for adults outside of gate opening times will be on foot via Prince’s Gate, and only with a valid camp ID. If you know that you will need to arrive or leave the site outside of usual gate opening times you must inform Guest Services by 6.00pm on the relevant day.

Any young person leaving the site must be escorted by an adult – no unaccompanied young person will be allowed to leave.

With the exception of emergency vehicles displaying blue lights, there will be NO vehicle access to any part of the site outside of usual gate opening times.

Are groups expected to deal with their own first aid?

Groups are expected to be able to deal with all minor injuries and illness and must bring along a suitable first aid kit for this purpose.

Each group must ensure at least one adult has a valid 1st Response (or recognised equivalent) qualification at the time of the camp.

Medical facilities for more severe illness and injuries will be available on site, alongside safeguarding and wellbeing support for adults and participants, where needed.

Do I need to complete a risk assessment for my group?

Yes. Your risk assessment should cover travel to/from the site (if you are travelling as a group), your camping area, food preparation, any specific needs for the adults/participants you are bringing, any financial risks to your group from spending related to the camp, how you will deal with any injury/illness (for both adults and participants), amongst other things.

If you choose to have a group gateway then this will need to be included in your risk assessment.

You do not need to risk assess any activity provided by WSIJ as part of the on-site/off-site/sub camp or evening programmes as this will be co-ordinated centrally.