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Are open fires and BBQs allowed on site?

No fires of any form are allowed but gas BBQs are permitted.

With a large number of people on site, the risk of fire is high. Each group is asked to take special care and bring at least one working fire extinguisher and marked fire buckets with them.

Fire breaks will be marked on each sub camp and will be monitored by sub camp teams. Please do not obstruct these with vehicles or tents at any time; any obstructions will have to be moved immediately and without question.

In the event of a fire, please notify a member of camp staff as soon as possible and evacuate the immediate area.

Can we have food delivered to the site during WSIJ?

Yes. Food deliveries should be directed to enter the site through the North Gate (opposite The Gardners Arms pub) and follow the one-way system to Blue Gate. All deliveries must be collected from the Young Farmers shelter by the Blue Gate. You must provide equipment and/or help to move your delivery. An adult member of your group MUST be present at Blue Gate for the collection.

Food deliveries must not be arranged for arrivals day (Saturday 6th August) due to the volume of other vehicles and people on site.

Please inform Guest Services (based at Blue Gate) in advance of any food deliveries your group is expecting to arrive during WSIJ and provide the following information:

  • Name of the person who will be on site to receive the delivery
  • Name of the person who placed the order
  • Contact mobile phone number for person receiving the order
  • Group name and sub camp
  • Name of the supermarket making the delivery
  • Expected delivery time.

Will camp staff be catered for centrally?

Central catering will be available to camp staff, the cost of which will be payable in advance and is to be decided on soon. Camp staff can also choose to eat with the group they are camping with, in which case the cost of this will be decided by that group.

Is there a creche available?

No. Any non-participant children brought along to WSIJ remain the responsibility of their parents/carers at all times.

Can adults bring their own non-member children?

Yes, the registration section of the FAQ gives details of the cost for non-member children. Please note that there is no formal activity programme for non-member children and no childcare facilities available on site.

Is indoor accommodation available?

A limited number of Individual and shared rooms are available, at an additional cost, for volunteer camp staff or those with a medical need. A separate booking form for indoor accommodation will be available in the later stages of 2021.

Can I bring and stay in a caravan or motor home?

Yes. There will be limited caravan/motor home parking in a dedicated area of the site. Spaces must be booked in advance (booking will open in 2021). Caravans and motor homes are not permitted in the main camping areas.

Will I be able to access my car during the camp?

All cars parked on site will be accessible 24 hours a day. However, outside of usual gate opening times, there will be an extended walk along the main and perimeter roads to reach vehicles.

If you know your vehicle will need to leave the site outside of usual gate opening times, please notify Site Services by 6.00pm on the relevant day.