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Can animals be brought to WSIJ?

No animals must be brought onsite for the duration of the camp. The only exception to this is assistance dogs with prior agreement.

Are pocket knives allowed on site?

Pocket knives are prohibited for participants and must not be brought on site.

Adults are strongly advised not to bring them unless there is a justified need, Where adults do bring pocket knives on site, these must be non-locking blades less than three inches in length (7.62 cms). They may only be carried when they are to be used and must be stored securely at all other times.

Will there be smoking areas on site?

There will be designated smoking areas near each sub camp.

You must not smoke in any other areas, including the use of e-cigarettes or vapour devices. Each smoking area will be provided with a sand bucket for cigarette butts. Please do not discard smoking paraphernalia on the floor.

How do we dispose of rubbish?

There will be several disposal points around the site and refuse will be collected daily. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the bins at refuse points.

At the end of WSIJ you must remove all items from your camping area (including gateways, broken equipment and tentage, etc). There is no option to leave items for disposal by the event team.

Recycling options are currently being assessed and further details will be published once this is confirmed. However, you may wish to consider removing recyclable packaging from foods ahead of arrival (where appropriate) to reduce the potential waste you are bringing to site.

How do we dispose of waste water?

All waste water must be filtered and disposed of at a designated disposal point; do not empty water on or around your camping area.

There are waste water disposal points at all trailer toilets and at the rear of the Red Gate toilets, adjacent to the long stay car park.

Do not lift any man hole coves or dispose of waste water into chemical toilet emptying points, with the exception of the marked point to the rear of the Red Gate toilets.

Can we store gas bottles on site?

Spare gas bottles MUST be kept in the central fuel store, with access to this area strictly controlled by Site Services. Groups should clearly label their bottles for easy storage and identification.